Anyone using (Ring or other) Professional Monitoring for Alarms and 24/7 Emergency Support with their Wyze cams? Pros? Cons?

I’m thinking about buying Ring professional monitoring to work with my Wyze setup.

Have both.

Any cons?

They can work side-by-side but they can’t work together without something to bridge the two systems. Maybe IFTTT. I don’t know because I don’t use IFTTT or know its capabilities.

hi @YeahThatCee,

You may want to check out:

If you are wanting to try to integrate it into other monitoring programs, DVR systems etc other than the Wyze Cloud ecosystem.

Would Ring even “professionally monitor” other eco systems? I would say they would keep in all I house.

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@Omgitstony Yeah that’s actually where my thought process went, in house but all in one ecosystem, I was not sure if this was something that he was wanting Ring themselves to monitor, or to have RTSP that could go to an agency that would take those feeds in to monitor.

If I had this mindset, I would not put Wyze cams in that role. I would get a nvr setup with reliable wired high megapixel cameras that do well in low light and have at least 30 ips. Aaaand the nvr would have weeks of retention. I’d say if you are set on having Ring monitoring, buy and use Ring gear. A good friend of mine has simplisafe, and they love it. It works for them.

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None that I’ve encountered.