Help on deciding the best route

Hi All,

looking to purchase and am stuck between going the doorbell or Cam V3 route.

My main need it to monitor deliveries/porch pirates/dog in the front porch area (roughly 4’x7’). At some point would also add a camera to the sunroom door to monitor when the dog comes back from being left out(Have an inground fence covering the front and back yards). And perhaps eventually a camera inside each garage bay (one 2.5 cars, one 1.5 car) and one in the basement to monitor my 3d printers.

What recommendations do you all have for this scenario?

The doorbell camera is still considered new, and thus isn’t quite up to the speed of a V3. Personally, I’d go with a V3 if you can mount it with a good view (yes, that package is from Wyze, lol):

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This is exactly what I did, And I have an uninstalled Wyze doorbell.

My issue is that the existing doorbell transformer is in the attic and they say it gets hot when the doorbell is installed; a fire risk.

Just buy a RING…Tested and Works as advertised. Wyze is a Toy company trying to compete with established companies. I was hoping Wyze would have learned but I’m not going to be a Beta Tester anymore on there General released products. Plus…These guy’s need to Focus on a Core product group first!!!

My opinion is that Ring is garbage. Their system is Hikvision levels of insecure. I would never trust a ring camera that is powered by amazon of all companies. Want the police to have access to your network? Buy a ring.

I use a victure cam that had the firmware tweaked to only use my network and no cloud access.

Wyze V3 cams are fantastic.

Your being Tracked by your Phone, Car, Watch, Ring Doorbells and Cameras…Do you use Google, Firefox, Unix? (Sites being tracked). Alexa, Google, Echo is listening and recording to those in a Home. Unless your off the Grid…Your being Monitored. Are you a Flat Earther by chance? As I said…Wyze needs to focus on a Core Product group…it’s all over the Map and that’s not good. Look at this Community as to the wealth of issues with All it’s products.

Nonsense. Ring in particular is the one that has default sharing with police. It’s not a secret or flat earth conspiracy. One of these things is not like the others.

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Sigh…first off it’s “You’re”… You Are=You’re. YOUR is the possessive case. Your post is bad. You’re not very bright. Hope that helps.

No I do not use “Google”. Unix is an operating system. Alexa is a program. Not a device. It runs on many Echo device and they do not record anything until it hears the trigger word.

I manage Google and Bing ads/analytics for a living… I know more about how online tracking works than you do.

Ring is partnered with the police to give them access.