Anyone use these outdoor covers for Wyze Cam V2?

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone discuss these covers. I’ve seen similar silicone outdoor covers but these are new to me.

Frienda Silicone Cover Protective Skin for Wyze Cam

I like the way they look, but of course they must work.

These have been mentions of the Frienda covers (see link below). As with all enclosures, one thing to be aware of is how far the front lip extends beyond the camera face. These, when white, have a tendency to reflect the IR lights back across the lens, causing night fogging. You can usually escape that by buying a black enclosure, or painting or taping the lip black.

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Reading the reviews I see another issue that seems to be common to all these silicone type “sock” enclosures - the camera is in a flexible cover and the mounting point is to that flexible sock. A lot of people are complaining that these and other silicone covers shake in the wind to some extent since there is no rigid mounting point. Seems like a bad idea. Shame because I like the way these look.