Silicone skin covers for cam v4 yet?

Hello all,

Just put my first cam-v4 into service today to go along with my other 5 cam-v3’s
I have silicone skin covers on my v3’s to provide additional weather protection and want to get the same skin for the new v4.

These skins are very form-fitting so I assumed that a silicone skin cover advertised to fit a v3 would not fit a v4 since they seem to be just a slight bit different looking and the dimensions might be just a wee bit off which would make them incompatible.

The problem is that I haven’t yet found anyone out there advertising silicone skin covers like these that explicitly say they are compatible with v4’s right in the listing.

These are the skins I am currently using now with the v3’s and am happy with (Amazon link):
Koroao Silicone Skins Only for Wyze Cam V3, Waterproof All-Round Protective Case/Cover Housing for Indoor and Outdoor Using (1pack)

Am I correct in assuming these would not adequately fit on a v4?
If not, has anyone out there seen one of these advertised to fit a v4 yet?
I know the v4’s are relatively new to the market so it might just not have been long enough yet for a v4 skin to be developed and hit the market yet.
Also, no one selling v3 skins has updated their listings to add: “Will also fit new cam-v4” which further gave me pause and makes me think that they probably won’t fit.
I might just have to wait if they’re simply just not out there yet.

Thanks all.

I haven’t seen any, yet.

I think if you are planning to use these for Weather proofing, etc with silicone skins, then you should wait for one specifically made for the V4 since it is slightly different molding from the V3.

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