Anyone measured Wyze cam pan power usage?

Checking to see if anyone’s measured the power draw of the pan cam during the day and night when IR is on? I’m checking to see what proper size battery I’d need to keep my pan cam that’s outdoors powered 24/7. We got plenty of sun :slight_smile:

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I don’t have an answer, but you’ll need to state whether you are running a Cam Pan (v1) or Cam Pan v2.

Ah, yes, forgot about that one detail. It’s a V1 pan cam.

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I can test power usage for a Cam Pan v2, but don’t have a v1. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Cam Pan v2 uses a different sensor, etc., so it’s probably not what you’re looking for. Someone here with a v1 may be able to help.

I’d appreciate if you can do the v2, I don’t need exact numbers, just something ballpark I can plug into the calculators :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I’ll grab some daytime measurements this afternoon and some nighttime measurements this evening and post up tomorrow. They definitely won’t be exact as amount of motor control (panning), cloud uploads, IR strength, etc. have to be taken into consideration. But I’ll try to use max conditions in my scenarios.

A user started to do this for a Cam v2, but it doesn’t look like they finished testing for nighttime measurements:


What are your night time settings? I can test the V1.


I have it set to continuous recording, that would be maximum power use?

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Status Light On/Off?
Record Sounds?
Trying to think of anything with a power drawl.

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Pan Cam v2 after 1 hour 12 minutes during daytime with 6 cloud events uploaded, one continuous live stream running and SD recording set to continuous:

Not sure if this is the type of data you’re looking for.


Pan Cam v2 after 11 hours 52 minutes:

Nighttime reading with IR and status light on:


Standard Usage after 1 hour 10 min
Night Vision On
IR Lights On
Motion Record On
Sound Record On
Continuous Recording On

Steady state reading

Vol 4.95V Max during motion detection or Pan, Tilt Zoom
Power 4.4 W Max during motion detection or Pan, Tilt, Zoom
Cur 0.85A Max during motion detection or Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Ohms dropped to 5.5 during Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and 7.9 during motion record. Where steady state was roughly 10.1

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