Cam-Pan-V3 Red lights requires reset - solution?

I walked over to my neighbor to show her how cool my new camera was and started having connectivity problems after showing her something from SD card. Thought it was my wifi to phone because of distance walked back and camera pointed down with all IR and red light on. Power cycle and red light on. Finally reset and reconnect. Seems to have kept most settings except 180 degrees for upside down mount.

Pretty good as recoveries go. Started playing with it again panning around, etc and it disconnected. It occurred to me the new camera probably draws more power than regular v3. I had just unplugged v3 and plugged cam pan v3 into power supply. Sure enough, new power supply looks identical, but zoom photo shows 2000ma v 1000ma.


It’s been working well, but since all wyze apps don’t move with the keyboard, I’d better end this or I’ll type something random since I can’t see what I’m typing. SMH.

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Love that the phone keyboard covers the text box. Wtaf. Seems to be industry wide. A lot of apps are having this problem lately. Probably using same api.

Update. No power problems since. Some strange tracking/ not tracking issues but that’s another topic.

Yep the power draw is more than the regular V3. I have a ton of white Wyze power bricks and ended up writing 1 or 2 on a very visible spot so I would know right away which power brick I’m using. Rule of thumb is all the pans require two amp power bricks while the rest of the cameras use one amp power bricks. The exception to the rule is the V3 Pro which also requires a two amp power brick.