Anybody else unable to playback motion events, "Looks like your cams haven't captured any motion or sounds yet"

For unknown reasons, when I turn on the Wyze app, I get a red dot notification of motion events, but when I select any date from 07/06/21 till today 07/12/21…I see message “NO EVENTS RECORDS Looks like your cams haven’t captured any motion or sounds yet.”
I have 5 cameras on CamPlus plus others. I CAN SEE MOTION EVENTS PRIOR TO 07/06/21.
This lack of being able to see motion events happens with this most recent version of the Wyze app that I upgraded to tonight…and to the previous version.
I can select a camera…and play back recorded video.
All cameras were previously set to record motion events and were working fine on displaying those motion events up until July 6th 2021. My phone runs Android 8 and my TV box runs Android 10. Same symptom…no ability to playback motion recorded events.

Remove all your filters from the event tab and try again. Triple check that detect motion is enabled in the cameras but I suspect it is already. Can you post a screenshot of your event tab?