Any way to preferentially get alerts for smoke detector activation on one Wyze Cam only?

I don’t know if the Wyze app is capable of what I would like it to do. Or if anyone can come up with a solution for me.

I have multiple Wyze Cams. However, much of the motion and sound detection notification to my phone is inconsequential. I’m glad an event is logged but I don’t really need it to notify me in an obtrusive way (ie. I don’t need it to send an audio alert to my Android phone).

However, I do have one Wyze Cam where I’ve turned on the “smoke alarm detect” feature. In this one case, I want this one single alarm/detection to audibly alert my Android phone if it ever detects the smoke alarm being activated. To even alert me when I have do not disturb on at nights.

So, my question is, is there a way to give priority/exception to this one camera to alert me for smoke alarm detect? But to leave all other Wyze detected activity logged but “quiet”?