Any suggestions for cleaning around IKEA Poang Chairs

Wondering if anyone has found a solution for cleaning around IKEA Poang chairs (POÄNG Armchair, Knisa light beige - IKEA) or similar chairs with thin frames. I have a bunch of them in my living room and sadly they confuse the vacuum immensely. It will spend 20-30 minutes trying to figure out how to get around each of them. All that time wasted requires it to charge 2 times before finishing the floor.

My assumption is the base frame that touches the ground are so thin, the LIDAR thinks it can get over them. Which results in it constantly bumping around the under frame.

The three solutions I thought of are not ideal, so I’m hoping others have solved a similar issue.

  1. I could attach a 2x4 to the frame to give it more height, but we think it would make the chairs look ugly.
  2. We could place the 2x4 on top of the frame temporarily when the vacuum is about to go out on a clean. The downside here is it removes the value of the set-and-forget benefit of the vacuum. We don’t want to have to manually set up the 2x4s every week when the vacuum is about to go out.
  3. Setting no-go zones wouldn’t help for two reasons: We still want to clean under the chair, inside the frame. And our kids move the chairs around a bit. These chairs are not as fixed as some other furniture, like a couch. So if we set a no-go zone, it would never be just right.

Any ideas?

Quickest, easiest suggestion is to turn the chairs upside down at night. I think that would work for you. Next suggestion is a dumber robovac.

In case anyone else encounters this issue…

Pool noodles were a great solution. Slice it in half and place the bottom of the frame in it. It doesn’t raise the chair in a noticeable way, in case you want to keep them on permanently. And if you don’t, they can be easily slipped on and off just before vacuum time.

The pool noodles they sell at Dollar Tree are just tall enough for the LIDAR to recognize them. And each noodle (which is enough for two poang chairs) only costs $1.25.

There are Significant Others who would never, ever let a solution like that fly, though. :slight_smile:

Glad you fixed your issue.