Any reason why I can not use my wyzecam for a dashcam?

What I intend to do is plug my Wyzecam v2 into a USB power outlet on my motorcycle, and use it for a dashcam to record (on an SD card) my travels.Is there any reason why this will not work?
Thanks in advance for any advice… I have three on order, and just waiting for them to arrive…

Hello @nodnalo, I recommend checking out this Thread so you can get a better understanding of this. You can also vote for this to be a product by clicking this link.


Most dashcams are at least 25fps. 30fps is the minimum that good dashcams have. The wyze doesn’t do 30fps at 1080p. The video may end up being very choppy, not smooth.

It will work, unless your rides are longer than 90 minutes. There is a known bug in the Wyze firmware - the camera will stop recording to the SDcard about 1.5 hours after it loses WiFi. And recording to SD card may not begin at all if there is no WiFi connection.

An effective workaround is to install a tiny WiFi hotspot on your motorcycle, using (for example) a USB-powered travel router.

This link contains more detail on the issue:

anyone know if this bug was fixed yet?