Another Yellow Finch Comes to Vertical Waterfall

I’m wondering why I can’t change the video to a resolution higher than 360. I’m sure I have the cam set to HD. Are the OGs lesser quality than the V3’s?


Wow, it landed within 16 seconds of the water turning on. :slight_smile:


Ha, it was actually an hour and a half later. But you knew that. I just wanted to include the water being turned on beforehand.


Oh, funny, I actually didn’t look at the timestamp, I looked at the seconds of the video, so I didn’t notice. :rofl: I’m glad you pointed that out. Seeing the water turn on at the start did look really cool and add to the video! I’m glad you edited it that way.


Thanks. This morning, when I was adjusting the cam, a hummingbird came to the waterfall and got a few sips. Guess it’s not cold enough for them to go to warmer areas.


That’s a cool video, I love how you showed the water turning on! Really nice fountain also :slight_smile:

Thanks. I put several cams in the garden so my mother could choose what she wanted (she wanted battery operated ones), but ended up just liking these. Yesterday I switched them around so this waterfall got the V2 and the garden got the OG wide angle, with the OG Telephoto zooming in on the :bird: bath. So hopefully we’ll have some close-up :bird: bath videos as well.

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