Mockingbird takes a Bath with new V4

The resolution seems to be better.

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Get the little guy some new bait, maybe he can catch a bird instead of a fish. :upside_down_face:

Did you swap it right in without having to make any distance or other adjustments from those of the prior camera?

Are you tickled with the performance? :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah I need to do that. He fell off the edge last week and lost the whole pole, so I stuck a twig in there and put him inside instead of on the edge.
I out it about the same distance. I wasn't sure because the previous cam was attached to a flimsy shepherds hook. This one I put on a brick that sits on a short, 2 step ladder. It fell off the brick, so I attached it with some zip ties.
So far, I'm happy with it. Oh, and it comes with a light, like the pro has.
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Yep, that integral light appeals to me… especially compared to the MSRP ~$10 v3 cam accessory add-on.

It's on sale right now. Not sure for how long, though. I got the 2 pack. The front is different,  too.

Launch price ends today, I think. MSRP is… higher. :slight_smile: