Another Software Issue?

It didn’t mess with a single one of my 50 cameras :man_shrugging:

BUT, it did make my sensors and one lightstrip go offline. Other people reported problems with more cameras though. Not sure why none of mine were affected though.

Agreed, I really don’t understand how this is so prevalent. There should be multiple redundancy and failover so that if a primary server or service encounters issues, the system automatically runs everything seamlessly on the secondary one to ensure continuous operation. I am just confused why companies (including Wyze) either aren’t doing it or why it keeps not working that way. If needed, put the primary on AWS and a secondary on another service or something that can handle the traffic on a temporary basis while you bring the primary back to normal behavior and can switch back. Then you aren’t dependent on a single service provider like AWS. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with cost considerations…but there has to be a better balance because reliability concerns can definitely affect your income too (ie: people will start to go somewhere else if it happens too frequently).

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