Android Back Button should go to the Home tab instead of exiting the app


Not sure if there’s an official place to put Feature Requests or not but here you go.

It would be great on the Android app, if when we tap the back button, it would always return to the Home tab prior to exiting the app. E.g., if I’m on the Events, Discover, Shop, or Account tab, and I press the back button, it should take me back to the Home tab. Then if I press Back again, it should exit the app. I’m always accidentally exiting the app and keep having to open it up again. I posted this on Facebook and a bunch of other people reported the same thing.


Now that I have the app 2.023 on Android, I see the problem. I agree I’ve been exiting the app by accident a lot more now

Does not always happen, but annoying when it does.

I’ve been testing this. I believe it happens if you use the home key or change apps before actually exiting the app. The next time you open it, it goes to the last screen you were on. Then if you hit the back button, the app acts like you were on the home screen and exits instead.

(Personally, I feel things like this probably shouldn’t be in the “Roadmap”, but instead in a “Bugs” category.)

Mine doesn’t work exactly like that. When I open the app, I always go to the Home tab. If I then go to the Events tab to view a video, and then click the “Back” button, it exits the app. If I’m on the page where I’m actually watching an alert video, the Back button takes me back to the Events tab. Pressing the Back button from there, exits the app instead of returning me to the Home tab.

Either way, the next time I open the app, it takes me to the Home tab.

Interesting…I wonder why we have a different experience? I’m on an S8+ with Oreo.

Here is the issue from my side.

If I open the app it lists my cameras as expected. If I tap on a camera to view it and then right away hit the app’s back button (the one in the top left) it will go back to the home page. However if I’m looking at a video and then go back to my phones home screen or tap a notification from another app (so the camera was the last thing I was looking at) and then go back into my already running Wyze app with the camera open both the back button on my phone and the back button in the app will exit it.

In a situation like that the back button on the PHONE side should be contextual and exiting the app is fine. However the back button in the APP should always take you back to the previous screen in that app.

It appears to be related to time or memory as well. If you do what I mentioned above within a short amount of time both the back button on the phone and in the app will work and take you back to the home screen. Its only after its been in the background a while that you cannot get back to the home screen without exiting the app and opening it again, Previous version didnt have this issue

This has been fixed in the latest Beta version. If it’s not in the latest retail version, it’s coming.