Home Button on more pages to easily go back to top

One of my issues with the app is the difficulty moving around the app to quickly see someone or something moving from camera to camera around the property. It may be from watching a 12sec Event video full screen back to the home screen, so I can select a camera to live stream or from changing camera settings 2-4 levels deep in the menu. This could be eased considerably if the Home Button was available on more pages. I would like to be able to go to the Home page with one click from anywhere in the app.

I agree. This is something that I liked on the Arlo app.

Unfortunately, only five people have voted on this, so I must guess that most people are okay with three, four or five clicks to get back to the home page every time. I’ve found that swiping the app closed and re-opening it is sometimes faster.

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As an Arlo user, I’m used to being able to control most of the settings from the Main home page. It seems that being able to most of the things from the main page reduces the number of clicks or taps it takes to get thngs done. This is a basic user-friendly function that programmers think about in every software program.

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Put the Home-Button on every Page of Software. We customers are used to Smartphones. The Homebutton is always there. Do the same. I would have made the whole Software more simple, but I don’t ask for that. I am not a Programmer, so you do it your way.
But to “GO BACK” in 5 Steps ? While it is (meanwhile) normal to start again, when you are lost “in the Jungle” : Just press Home and try to understand better. I love the WYZEcam.


Hear hear.

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Gettting back to the Home screen in the app is an infuriating sequence of picking up and tilting and arrow click when viewing my four cameras in landscape mode on my iPad.

PLEASE add a home button on every screen in the app so wherever you are Home can be reached with one click.,

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I’ll give you a vote but I don’t think adding a “home” button is going to fix all the problems with the App’s UI and UX. It needs a ground up re-imagining with the end user in mind, not something created by engineers.

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I agree, and also want the Home button on all pages , keep pushing back button, several times is not smart or “WYZE” for an intelligent camera

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Bump this request x100!

When I am shoulder deep into a sub-sub-sub-sub-settings page, and it is actually quicker for me to just close the app and reopen it to get back to the home page rather than hit back → back → back → back to get there: it’s time for a home button navigator on EVERY page template.

OR… Like many very well designed apps, there is a quick navigation drawer side pull or drop down for easy quick navigation that could have all the bottom tabs in it.


Agree 100% !!

And there definitely is plenty of blinding white space to add a “Home” icon on most screens…

Reminds me of the Steve Jobs story about optimizing the boot up time for the original Mac. Apparently he ranted at the engineers that every second saved at boot up would save hundreds of lives because millions of people would use these computers over dozens years and that would add up to many lifetimes worth of time wasted waiting for the computer to turn on every day…

Edit - Here’s the correct story https://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?story=Saving_Lives.txt


Part of the challenge is finding this.
I did a search before I asked my question on getting to Wyze homepage easier earlier today. I couldn’t find anything regarding your post.

Now that I see it, I voted for it.
And I hope more people do.

When I worked in IT dept back in the 2000s, we had a design target of 4 clicks to get to anything.
This included having a breadcrumb trail that made it easy to get back to higher levels.
At a minimum having a logo symbol or ‘<<‘ in top corner to get us to home screen does not take up much real estate and gets the job done.

They already have the back carrot < in the top left of every screen. However backtracking all of your previous steps just to navigate down a different rabbit hole is very tiresome when adjusting settings on dozens of cams.

If you look at other apps that are User Intuitive, they have popup drawer navigation menus that can be pulled or clicked in from the left, right, or bottom. This allows the user to jump around from any menu directly into the settings of another cam or the HMS or the Events page.

Yes I realize they have back carrot <, also having << would provide a click back to the home screen. so << <
I suggested << as it would be consistent with their < that goes back one level.

I like your suggestions as well which would be very helpful.

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Add Home Button on All Configuration Screens

I want to suggest adding a “Home” button on every page in the app. Many times I will make adjustments or turn a rule on or any type of change and then lock my phone screen when done. I may then get a notification or want to make an adjustment elsewhere in the app but when I launch the app it might be three or four levels deep from the last time I used the it. Having a Home button to tap will enable me to return home without having to go back, back, back, back… you get the picture.

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