Android App Shortcuts and iOS Quick Actions

App Shortcuts (App shortcuts overview  |  Android Developers) on Android would be nice to have, so we can easily/quickly load a certain camera. It’s a very underrated feature of the platform. In addition to the long press action, since you can drag these out and make them like apps, I could have a quick folder to load a certain camera without having to open the app first, select a camera, and then be lead to it.

I use them often for certain apps, like IMDb, Walmart Pay, and Maps.

App shortcuts would be really helpful to quickly load certain cams.

Especially for cameras mounted at the front door, time is critical to identify visitors and to open before they are gone. Even saving a single click/touch to get there would already help.

This is actually pretty low cost to implement up against the improvement in usability. Simply being able to drop a shortcut on the home screen to a camera or switch would be super useful.

I would like to have quicker access to the shortcuts I have created in the Wyze app by using 3D / Haptic Touch (long press on the icon). This will make it easier to access them and not require me to open the app to use them.

I would also like this to include quick access to turning groups or individual products off and on.

It would be cool if the app allowed you to make shortcuts outside of the app. So that you could have quick access to say, turn off a light, or turn a light to sexy setting in 1 click instead of having to open the app, navigate the to the light, select the light, then select the sexy setting.

Since this topic is only “maybe-later“ it could be a while before this is implemented.

Shortcuts Workaround
I use my Wyze Band to access the shortcuts for turning on or off my lights. It works great and I don’t have to open the Wyze app to turn on my lights.

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