Android app needs accessibility improvements for totally blind user

I’m totally blind! I have the Wyze lock. I’ve found when using the App on Android 11 and going into my lock! On the first screen there are 2 buttons that aren’t labeled and need to be labeled. That away a blind person using talkback screen reader knows what they are for. Then when selecting the 2nd unlabeled button takes me into settings. I go down to the Auto lock option and select it. Now when on this screen! There are some buttons again using Talkback screen reader, I cannot change the buttons and I can’t find out the status of the button. It only says button. I would like to see this fixed so it tells me what the buttons are for and that I can change them. I think one is to be able to turn off the autolock function and I know the other one is to turn on/off the trash mode. In either case, I cannot change them. They do nothing when running the Talkback screen reader and double tapping on them to be able to change them.

going back to the main settings screen! Going down to Keypad, then access codes and then trying to setup a guest code. I can enter it is to happen week to week on Wed. as a example. However when I go down to the time I select that I can hear I need to enter the Start and End times! But again with the Talkback screen reader, I cannot enter any of this information on Android. So as a result of that, I cannot setup access for people like cleaning people.