Label buttons for blind android users

I would like to see Labeling of buttons for blind android users.
Please see the below message I sent to support; and the reply i receaved was to post this to the wishlist for things I want to see, not only that however the tagline is:

Wyze | Making Great Technology Accessible

and as you’ll see from the meconveations i’ve had below, this is not the case.

I don’t have screen shots, however tried emailing the dev email on
your google play store entry, and as you know I can’t email that
I have however provided more information that i hope can help your
team see the problem.


So i sent the below message to your support chat, and a friend
suggested i email the email on your android app as the chat rep wanted
me to take a screenshot and circle the buttons that had problems. As a
completely blind user, i am unable to do this. However i can share
some findings in follow-up to the message i sent earlier today.
—Original Message—
i have ordered and received your Scale product.

For the most part, i’m frustrated with the app, but happy with the product.

As a completely blind user, i’m disappointed to see that a majority of
your buttons in the app are unlabeled.

Does your android team have any plans to label these buttons?

A blind user only hears “Unlabeled button”, when browsing threw the app.
However the tabs across the bottom are labeled.

I’ve included a few resources for your android team below to help
improve the experience for talkback users.

Make apps more accessible | Android Developers

Buttons - Material Components for Android
(Making buttons accessible)

I do like that i can accessibly get my weight, however getting any
other details is a guess and check as not having labels for these
buttons prevents me from being able to browse threw the additional
information provided.

In addition, i can’t seem to find the section that I can connect my
data to google fit threw; again going back to the unlabeled buttons.

Please advise as to future plans for labeling these buttons.


One of the unlabeled buttons on the screen is the one directly before
i see the name of my scale, Michael’s Scale.

When tapping this button that reads " unlabeled button" i am taken to
a screen that allows me to “Edit Devices”, and “Edit Rules” with a
“Done” button that is labeled correctly.

all 3 buttons on this screen in fact have correct labels to them so I
know what they do.

Another example is if i tap on Michael’s Scale (that is labeled thanks
to my wife helping with setup), i see a unlabeled button at the top
of the screen, the name of my scale, and another unlabeled button
directly after that.

if i tap on that button i see:

“Add member”, the 2 members i have, and add member button that has a label.

The second unlabeled button after the name of my scale takes me to a
screen with scale settings, share, user, units, and to authorise 3rd
party apps.

This screen has an unlabeled button at the top that takes me back,
however talkback says " unlabeled button".

That’s just a few of the accessibility hurdles i face on android while
using your app.

Thanks for helping with making this app accessible to all users.



Thank you for bringing this up. I’ll share it with the team. :slight_smile:

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