Android App Connectivity Issue

Just to clarify… the app doesn’t connect to wifi. It connects to the internet using whatever internet connection your phone has. You phone should be able to connect to that wifi. If you are not able to get your phone connected to the wifi, then that’s a phone problem, not a Wyze app problem.

On the other hand, if you are talking about getting the camera connected to the wifi, then know that there was a change implemented that no longer allows new camera setups to connect to a open wifi. This was done for security purposes. If you have coworkers that have cameras connected to that wifi, they probably did so before the new policy was implemented. Cameras connected before this change remain connected. But any camera that is newly setup (or re-setup) will not be able to connect to a open wifi.

Here is a workaround that will let you connect (with a small hardware cost): You can use a travel router as an intermediary device that will connect to your unsecured home network and bridge that over to a secure network accessible by the Wyze Cams. Complete instructions for that are here:

Finally, there is a Roadmap topic about this asking Wyze to reconsider (link below). You can hop over there and vote for it. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.