Android 10 a Steaming Pile - Why Didn't You Warn Me?

Come on guys, I thought we were pals. Okay, a virtual “community”. Okay, some strangers who occasionally banter on cameras and technical topics.

My inexpensive Motorola phone was a dream running Android 9. I had no complaints and was among the regular Android touters/bigots around here.

I finally stopped postponing the prompts and spent a half day letting it go through a long series of Android 10 upgrades and patches. I updated some apps (I don’t use the Play Store).

It’s terrible! There seem to be critical and egregious OS issues (not memory leaks, since my total RAM usage never comes close to its limit).

My browser crashes silently and without warning all the time, taking any open private tabs with it forever.

The “bubble” for an active phone call randomly just doesn’t appear - this is a real treat when trying to join a WebEx conference via callback. It will usually work again for a little while after a reboot. (I’ve tried enabling Bubbles in Developer Options and checking the app’s notification settings.).

Today I just wanted to switch an active call from Bluetooth headset to Speaker… and no matter how I hit the screen button it just blinked and refused to give me any other output options, not even Handset!

I’ve checked storage (over 30 GB free on both internal and SD) and RAM (2.8 used of my 4 GB) and battery usage app info seems normal too with no unusual things running.

I’ve exempted a couple of things from Battery Optimization, but no improvement. Tried updating the stock Google Phone app without improvement. I just now realized I haven’t disabled “Adaptive Battery” so I’ll try that next.

What the heck did they do to this release? There are no further updates available for my phone. I really don’t want to wipe and start over.

Any suggestions?

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I’ve been running Android 10 for a year and a half with none of those problems. I think you problems are mostly related to Motorola’s UI.


I’ve also been running Android 10 for a long time. Never really had any OS related problems.


I stopped buying Motorola phones when Motorola sold off the rights to other manufactures.

I had Android 10 on my One Plus 7T Pro (McLaren Edition), but recently it updated to Android 11
I like Android 11 much better, but 10 wasn’t that bad.

Phone has 12Gb of RAM, and 256GB Storage so I don’t really see memory or storage issues

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I’ve been using Smart Launcher 5 on my Android phones instead of the carrier/manufacturer UIs. Works well with both my Pixel 5 and my wife’s S20. I have found OS changes affect me a little less this way.

Thanks for the replies. I do use an alternate launcher (“Lawnchair”). I switched to stock to see if the Phone bubble worked. Nope. It’s an OS level issue for me.

I have to agree with Motorola being the root cause. More than once I had serious issues with my Motorola phones after installing a non-reversible update - erratic performance, app crashes, reduced battery life, etc. Switched to Samsung and no problems now in well over 2 years - just have to learn to live with some of the bloatware that can’t be uninstalled.

buy a Google Pixel & never look back…

btw…this is what the forum is missing…a off topic section to discuss non-wyze related stuff

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No idea why you’re having problems, my moto running android 10 is perfect. Maybe you should do a factory reset.

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