And Then There Was 1


PanCam recently decided to quit recording locally on the SD card even though events were being captured and viewable and the option for local recording was turned on. Not only that but ALL previously captured videos on the card were deleted - card was not formatted because other folders with JPG images, logs, etc. were still there - just all video files were gone. Removed power then restarted the camera and it started saving locally as it should have. Totally unacceptable!

Card has been tested with multiple programs with no failures so that’s not the problem.

What is the significance of the topic title? I once had 7 Wyze devices (cameras, plugs) and now that this CamPam is in the trash I’m down to just 1 V2. It will be a happy day when it too fails and I can put this ugly Wyze relationship behind me.

<<end rant