An update on outdoor camera

Congrats Wyze on the door lock, another innovative and cool product.

I know the doorbell cam has been under development, and maybe know it will move to a higher priority.

If you need a beta tester count me in!

Dear Dongsheng

I’m Cosme Averna, I live in Ushuaia Tierra Del Fuego Argentina, I think I bought two Wyze V2 cameras so far I have no news. Could you tell me how I can do to buy, since Amazon does not ship to the Argentine Republic.

Best regards and happy holidays.

Cosme Averna
Tierra Del Fuego Republic of Argentina

That’s disappointing news since it’s been mentioned for a while that it would get released in 2019 but oh well.

Hopefully you (Wyze) can come back strong in 2020 with the outdoor camera and person detection for cameras. Since it was announced that person detection would be removed, my cameras have sucked regarding person detection, they weren’t that bad before, now they pick up shadows and leaves as people.

Also I’ve read about the outdoor camera a lot but I didn’t find anywhere how long the camera’s battery is supposed to last. On a full charge is it meant to last a couple of days or a couple of months? If it’s the latter I’d ignore all the complaints about having to recharge/change the batteries. Any battery operated camera does not last more than a couple of months on a full charge (with normal motion detection settings).

I have two cameras WYZE V2 one outside, which has no battery, they are powered by 220 Volt, both, so I am not harmed at all.

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Thanks for the update! I’d rather wait a bit longer and have a great product that have a premature launch with a sketchy camera.


@PUPI, this #wishlist topic may interest you. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update, would definitely need more news/features before I would make strong assumptions. And when it comes to anything nowadays it’s better to make it right than to rush it. So do what you have to do.

They do ship Internationally I am in the UK bought from from Wyze Labs it was shipped (took about 2 weeks) delivered by UPS in UK.
What we want is better support for UKWyze users ie UK USB power supplies (240v supplies) included with the Cams instead of US and UK Wyze Plug/Sockets (240V supplies)

Being a beta tester for other companies in the past I completely agree with this decision. I have seen products pushed out before they were ready and it was a total disaster. So I think this is an outstanding decision and it is a decision that is made based on customer service not on making money which is rare in this day and age


This bums me out a little bit, but like others I appreciate that you are working on bringing a functional product to the market and not something that is buggy and glitchy. I know it will be worth the slightly longer wait and can’t wait for it to finally be released in what I am sure will be all its glory!

I’m ok with battery with power cord. But will it also have a SD card slot and can it record when the power is out. Also cool down needs to be better than 5 mins. Currently using blink and will keep them if wyze outdoor can’t beat blink. Blink will record up to 1 min as well. I’ve been seeing yours will be 5 min cool down and only 12 sec rec. Please beat Blink.


A wyze fan! You guys are awesome, gl.
waiting on it.

So if I understand this right we will get a notification when the battery is low we will take the camera down and plug it in and charge it? Essentially just like Arlo? If that’s the case I really don’t have a problem. It would be nice if we could buy extra batteries like Arlo and just swap them out and charge the batteries without having our cameras down

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Any possibility in making a wired model (non-battery one) in the future? Possibly after the release of the battery powered one so as not to interfere with your current schedule?


Wow, thank you for such a quick response! Exciting to see the launch of this product.

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Wyze does not ship internationally at this time because they are not an international company…yet. The fulfillment for your order was done by Amazon. Please keep in mind, Amazon isn’t supposed to be doing that, even with Wyze asking them not to, because they are not an international company. :slight_smile:


Great news… power option.

If there’s a hub involved wouldn’t a power outage cause the camera not to record until power is restored??

Price is the key.

I don’t need that battery. Keep the cost low!