Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Until a couple of updates ago, my Amazon Fire 7 tablet was working perfectly as a dedicated screen for monitoring my Wyze camera. Now it “times out” after a very short period. Anyone else also experiencing this problem?

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I’m using firmware version and not having at issues viewing my Wyse cam v2 on my Amazon Fire 7 tablet. However, a few weeks ago i was exeriencing a lot buffering - turned out that my usb connect/cord wasn’t securely connected to the wall plug (i had purchased a longer cord that i found on Amazon) . Not sure i that will solve youtr issue, but checking my usb connection worked for me in fixing my buffering problem

Thanks for the tip. I will try switching out my cord.

It worked! Thank you for the tip!

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I try to put on play store on a older fire 7 and it was sluggish. I put play store on fire 8 and don’t have a problem.

You can put Aptoide on your Fire Tablet 7. It’s an alternate app store (for android devices including the Fire Tablet) and has most of the apps that you can find in the playstore, A Google search will lead you right to it, and hopefully bring new life to your Fire Tablet 7.