Amazon fire tablet

So 2 days ago my wife’s fire tablet started experiencing major delay(streaming 1 minute delay ), all android devices work normally. I went into settind to see if acceleration got disabled but it’s no longer there. Wife uses it for baby cam and she not to happy . Any ideas or fixes for this thx.


What acceleration setting are you referring to?
There is no wyze app per say for the amazon tablet.
Do you have google play store side loaded on it and using that app?

The latest update is missing “Enable Hardware Decoder”… I had to revert back to the previous version because of that.

@xHirscHx, are you referring to the hardware decoder function?

What OS, I still have the “enable hardware decoder” slide on my Android s6

Is there an app for the Fire tabs?
I haven’t found one. It uses the amazon integration and there are no settings for that.
Perhaps they side loaded Google play and have downloaded the wyze app to use. If that is the case it wouldn’t surprise me that it doesn’t work after an update.

Beta version 2.4.93 is missing the “Enable Hardware Decoder” setting.


I would post that in that thread then as this is for the fire tab

I don’t have it either on my android phone or Fire tablet with V2.4.93,
Suggest OP revert back to something else. Once again Wyze has put out a build, We test it, we find problems. We need a “Revert App” like the “revert firmware”.


It is in that thread… but I posted in this one as well as it is probably related to that update

So you side loaded the play services on that tab to get the wyze app, correct?

I don’t think the Fire devices support video hardware acceleration.

Whether they do or don’t -if it was working fine before and isn’t after the last FW upgrade I’d suspect the upgrade.


Hey, folks!

There’s a change that we made in the beta version that causes support issues for the Hardware Decoder so it was removed. I’ll get this feedback over to the team now.


I’m interested in this as well as I have Google services side loaded on my Amazon tablet. I know that’s not a standard config, and I’d really prefer a Wyze app for the Fire Tablet to be available on the Amazon store in addition to the Wyze Cam integrated services for Echo/Alexa, as you can only VIEW cams with that on the Echo Show but have no other controls to move, zoom, etc.


Any fix for this yet

Sorry about reviving an old thread/topic.

I have 2 wyze cams (both V2). Both work without issues on the wyze app on our samsung android phones.

However, when using the wyze app on Fire HD 8 tablet, 1 of the wyze cameras consistently loses connection (its always the same camera - the other one works just fine even on the Fire tablet). The one camera that keeps losing connection, if I reset the wi-fi (ie restart my modem and try to reconnect) the 1 camera that is causing the issues will briefly work and then lose connection again (when it loses connection, I see it trying to reconnect…ie its stuck on 1/3 for hours and it keeps trying to reconnect that camera on the wyze app on the fire HD tablet).

What could the issue be if I’m only running into issues using the Fire HD tablet and only just the 1 camera which briefly connects and then keeps losing connection (when it loses connection on the Fire HD tablet, that same camera is still connected and streaming fine on the android phone wyze app). Its strange that the issue is only when using Fire Hd tablet and only 1 camera not the other camera…

I use Fire tablets at home because they are cheap. They are several generations behind current phones. While I believe they have hardware video acceleration, the operating system doesn’t acknowledge this when challenged, so most programs fall back to software video decoding.

You could lower the resolution on the camera you are trying to watch on the Fire tablet.