Alpha Testers Selected!

Hi, everyone!

The alpha testers for this round have been selected! I recommend checking your contact email now. Those who have been invited to this product’s alpha testing will have an email from me with the subject, “Wyze Alpha Testing Invitation”.

We truly wish that we could take all of the amazing people that applied but we unfortunately don’t have 1,500+ products available for the testing phase! Thank you to everyone that applied. We were shocked and humbled to see so many people interested in helping us with the new product. If you weren’t selected this time, don’t worry! We’ll have more opportunities in the future.




Thank you, I do hope I made the cut.

I already have couple of cameras from other brands that I am looking forward to seeing how your camera compares


It is just as well, who knows what I would have done trying to help.


Try me I have large friends base and got feed back more often with different camera manufacturers.