Allow "Pause" and "Continue" when recording from SD card playback

Please allow “Pause” and “Continue” when recording from SD card playback. This would allow creating a single video from several portions of the playback. (Currently it seems we can only “Stop” the recording, which automatically completes it and saves it.)

For example, if I had several interesting motion events during a day, I could easily record them (as they play) into a single file for saving and sharing. Thanks…

Good idea… This might be useful

also a more granular control will be helpful, e.g. when trying to get within a minute of an event it is extremely difficult to set a specific time and therefore requires multiple attempts before you can find the sweet spot.

In addition if we could set a start and end time, that would be ideal.

@agargye Try using a pinch-out gesture on the timeline. This will make the timeline zoom in for finer control.