Allow more control over the room sensors for the Thermostat

Even if I’m not in a room, I would like the option to have that sensor always reading if that’s what I want. We should be able to toggle them on or off, and even better would be to have a “timer” setting for those that we do want to go off, and how long after sensing something do they turn off. e.g. when I’m asleep, I only want my bedroom one on, but I likely don’t move enough during the night to keep it active.

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I have my bedroom Remote Sensor included in Comfort Control permanently with Motion Sensing off.

Yea, I have my Room always on as well. Turned off the motion sensing comfort.

By doing this, the first part of the Wish Item can be realized. However, the other parts: Toggling on / off via a timer and setting a delay for how long they stay as active when motion is not sensed.

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That sort of customizable functionality would be a welcome addition.

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