Allow for Time Lapse of Longer Duration

I would like the ability to define a time lapse as long as a year. Might require limiting the interval and pre-allocation of anticipated required space.

For a year long, one picture or frame per day it would be fairly small. For intervals of even once an hour it would result in a much bigger file.

Possibly break the Intermediate-range files into monthly segments?

Great idea. Thanks for the submission.

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Is there a limit to the length of time lapse clips? I just stopped a five day time lapse, about 2 GB in size, but it was cut off after just three days or so. Catcher didn’t record the final two days.

The current limit is a maximum of 30 days but it is dependent on the interval. The more frequent the interval the more space required especially if you are also using SD card recording for events or continuous recording.

So is there no limit on file size?

The incident I was reporting on was only a five day recording, with six second interval‘s. I think the final file size was just a bit over 2 GB. But the recording had stopped after only three days.

Thanks for the response.

The only size limitation I am aware of would be whatever the FAT file system allows for. Or of course the available space on the SD card.

I have successfully completed a week long time lapse of every 15 seconds with no issue. I know the file was pretty large but to be honest I don’t remember how large.

Relax time lapse setup rigidity

A) One month of time lapse seems random. Why not allow us to go longer?? If we have the storage, why set arbitrary limits??

B) Continuous recording is rarely desirable. Let us set a daily time period to record images.

C)Consider integrating time lapse into the rule system.

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Wyze Cam V3 time laps longer than 30 days

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wish to have the ability to set a time-lapse of more than 30days. and interval in hours as well.

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I would like this feature for the wyze cam outdoor v2. I would like the data saved as separate images and not a compressed video. This would skip some of the FAT limits on SD. I would like as little compression as possible and would like to see the images as they are being acquired, and not after the full 1 year!