Wyze Cam V3 Time Lapse with 24H interval

I am trying to setup to take time lapse with an interval of 24H for the longest duration possible, and when I press set, I get an error message that says, “The time lapse should be more than 1080h(s)”. I believe there is some kind of a minimum that I am not meeting. I say this because, if I change the interval to be more frequent, the 1080h(s) reduces. For 20H interval, 900h(s), for 16H interval, 720h(s), and for 15H interval, it starts. First, I don’t understand why I am limited to only 30days, and secondly what is this minimum threshold?


Confirm that you are wanting to take one photo per day? With the stated minimum, that would mean your time lapse would display in just a couple seconds. Is that what you really want?
What camera and app versions? I just tried it on one of my V3s and it let me set to 59 hours as the interval - however yes came up with a similar message to what you got for minimum duration based on that interval.
And yes, as far as I know, the max duration for a time lapse always has been 30 days. Extending that has been requested.