Allow for Entry Sensor to have more sound options

Right now all that you are allowed in sound options for entry is a quite little chime that lasts a second, Have any thoughts been made to allowing the sensors to be enabled to be UL 2017 compliant by emitting a 120 db alert for 30 seconds when triggered. Because its frustrating that I cant use the same sensors for alerting to the pool that I use for alerting to intruders.

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The request for variable chime options on the hub has previously been requested in the following Wishlist thread. You can vote for it there, :heart: like some posts, and add your reply at the bottom.

There are some other options that can be accomplished in the absence of this capability though.

  1. Wyze Rule to activate a Cam Siren (30s default) when a V2 Sensor is triggered.

  2. Use an Alexa Compatible Smart Chime that can be activated thru an Alexa Routine when a V2 Sensor is triggered.

  3. Use Wyze Rules to turn on a Wyze Plug when a V2 Sensor is triggered and off after 30s. Plug a siren or chime into that plug.

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I would suggest you want some kind of local alert rather than something going to the internet to trip an alarm for a pool. What if the connection to the Wyze servers is down and you don’t trigger the siren or some other alert?