allocation size

When formatting a MicroSD card in a PC for subsequent use in a Wyze camera, what is the correct “allocation size” to specify?

If the SD card is 32GB or smaller, use FAT32 and the default cluster size. In win 10 that will be the allocation size that format chooses for you. For a 32GB card that will be 16K, for smaller cards it may be smaller. See Default cluster size for NTFS, FAT, and exFAT for more info.

I have a 32GB card formatted FAT32 and its allocation is 16K (16348 bytes) which was verified with the cmd chkdsk utility.

The 1 minute videos are compressed so if things are not changing much, an HD video will take between 1000 and 2500 KB. If there is a lot of movement it will take more (5000 KB or more). I have never used the time lapse feature, so I don’t know how it is stored, but I would guess as individual “frames” which then get combined into the video

I have used a 64GB card which I didn’t reformat (Samsung EVO Plus model code MB-MC64GA/AM). It came formatted with exFAT and 128K (131072 bytes) clusters. That card works in my WyzeCam v1, although the documentation states that up to 32GB and FAT32 are the only supported formats.

My guess would be that any allowable size will work, but I haven’t tried.

Are you just curious, or is there a reason you are worried about what the allocation size is?

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Thanks, BuckEye

No worries, but, just wanting to format the cards with an allocation size that is most suitable for use in the Wyze Cam.

I’ve used cards from SanDisk, Patriot, Samsung, etc. and they vary in the allocation size when new out of their packages.

I was hoping a Wyze support technician might weigh in and specify exactly what they recommend or that any size is okay.


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