Alligator at my door

Do you know what a bear says when you use pepper spray on them?

"Mmmmm,seasoning! :rofl:

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I can’t bare this any longer! :joy:

I don’t want to get that close to one to find out either. :laughing:


@sandy_frank How did you capture that gator clip in (native) Landscape format?

" 98% of persons using bear spray in close-range encounters escaped uninjured."

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I didn’t know I did this was just the clip Wyze recorded

Puzzled by this; the clip is in portrait?

@Customer, of course not. My bad :slight_smile:
The question should have been: “How did you capture that gator clip in (native) Portrait format?”

Notice that it is Portrait, yet the Wyze logo and timestamp are on the shorter side of the frame, and correctly oriented. Remember that Wyze only supports rotating image 180 “natively” (logo and time stamp on longer side of frame). Therefore now curious as to how @sandy_frank managed to rotate image 90 degrees “natively”?

All I did was send the clip to myself in an email. I used that clip to post it

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I thought the doorbell is always portrait. That’s what he or she is using.

I think it is always portrait buy there are two modes regular and wide angle

I’m not sure if this will help answer your question @Wellcraft19, but on Wyze’s Doorbell page it states that it’s a 3:4 aspect ratio (portrait in order to view people head-to-toe).


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@ThreeTen, of course it does, THANK YOU!
I just assumed it was a camera. Never thought of the DOORBELL cam!
@sandy_frank, mystery solved!

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Umm it wasn’t a mystery and I told you first. :slight_smile: