Alligator at my door

My new Wyze doorbell captured an alligator at my front door. Will post video when I am able


the alligator didn’t ring the doorbell did they? cause that’s how they get ya!

@Mods might someone be able to give a bump for a post?


Knock knock knock.

Land Shark.



Re: land shark

Same thought immediately.


I’m looking forward to your alligator visit video @sandy_frank.

I can safely say I’m fine with never seeing an alligator at my front door (or my yard for that matter) :crocodile:.

Hopefully you don’t leave any dogs/cats outside unattended :thinking:.

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Thanks I am unable to post it now as a new user. Do you know when this restriction lapses?

Hello, @sandy_frank

You’re welcome.

I don’t remember specifically when you’re able to upload a video. However, @Bam put in a request to the Moderators above to possibly change your restriction (up to them).

Below link contains information about the Community Trust Levels:

Fingers crossed you’ll be able to upload your alligator video soon… :nerd_face:


@sandy_frank You are all set to upload now. Thanks for your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:




Wyze video of alligator at my door


That would be an undesirable neighbor to have especially on your porch. :warning: I was just wondering if bear pepper spray would work on these critters? Anyone know?

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Dude is awfully casual swatting away a primeval killing machine.


I’m glad @StopICU33 removed your upload restriction so we could view your video.

Do you get visitors like that often where you live @sandy_frank?

I’m not sure if it would work, but I’m not signing-up for that beta testing group. My guess would be you’ll just make it extremely angry :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.


I heard that. Lol :joy: Me either!

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By the way, did you happen to produce Battle of the Planets?

Big fan.

I see these guys on the golf course near me all the time but this was a first at my door. It’s is there mating season now so I guess he was judging looking for love.


Ohhh… good to know they should be preoccupied vs looking for snacks :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

I can happily say that I’m glad I never saw any of those “hazards” on our golf courses (yikes).

Thank you for the response @sandy_frank.

Not me. People who know says he is not a nice guy.


No more than likely it wouldn’t have any effect, their skin isn’t porus to accept the capsicum in the spray and I don’t think it would cause the burning effect on them… One one upside of scales, and they have nictating lenses on their eyes, generally it’s something they use underwater but I’m sure if they were hit with an irritant they would use those as well…

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It’s my understanding that mace/pepper/bear spray relies on “capsaicin” which plants evolved in order to deter mammals from eating things (through causing a burning sensation in mucous membranes [pain receptor triggers]) while not affecting birds (or reptiles) so the birds would disperse the seeds. Thus, if you spray an alligator or crocodile supposedly it will probably just think it’s raining or something mostly harmless.

Though, come to think of it, Reptiles do also have mucous membranes (which capsaicin attacks), though their cell volumes are lower than those of mammals, so maybe it would affect them a little bit, just probably not as strongly as it affects mammals. It’s hard to know without anyone formally testing it I guess.

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