Allergic reaction to Ear Buds Pro

I purchased the Ear Buds Pro back in February and coincidentally (or so I thought) had an ear infection in both ears shortly thereafter. The symptoms were itchy ears with drainage. Disgusting, I know.

I stopped using the Ear Buds Pro out of necessity, having gone to a specialist and being prescribed ear drops to remedy the infection. Several weeks passed and I put my Ear Buds back in. Within hours, I had the symptoms of a full feeling in both ears and eventually the itchy feeling with drainage. I began to wonder if it was still the remnants of the ear infection of the Ear Buds themselves. So I waited for the symptoms to clear (roughly 72 hours) and then I tried them on again. Same symptoms.

After doing much research, I thought it may be the silicone tips. So I replaced them with foam and hypoallergenic silicone tips. Same symptoms!

Having done more research, I’m finding that there may be nickel in the Ear Buds that is causing this allergic reaction. It seems to be not uncommon with AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro.

I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same symptoms. Perhaps, this is something Wyze should look into for future revisions of the hardware.


OMG You described my issue exactly! Thank you for posting! I have had my Wyze Buds Pro since they first came out and only in the past 2 months did I start having those issues. (Thought I was crazy when I had that drainage and I’m a nurse) I too went to doc and received ear drops. I finally narrowed it down to these ear buds after an hour long session again with them yesterday (which I love and use sometimes more than my apple air pods). I was just googling anyone’s suggestions for replacement tips as I thought it must be the silicone tip…but seeing your post has made me question if this will help. Thank goodness I have the over-the-ear Wyze version as well…

I’ve had sinus issues over the past few weeks but am recently feeling better. So I tried them again today and so far no drainage. HOWEVER, I did have the feeling of fullness in the ear and itchiness in the ear canal - which has been a precursor to the drainage overnight. I’m not entirely confident I won’t have a reaction but will give it another night and see what happens in the morning.

Hopefully, Wyze will give me a free pair of their next-gen Earbuds for using myself as a human guinea pig :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. At this point, I’m subjecting myself to these experiments out of pure curiosity.

Well, it’s the following morning and I’m having the same reaction with the drainage. I’m almost certain it’s the EarBuds. Actually, it’s definitely the EarBuds.

I wonder if anyone from Wyze is actually monitoring this thread. I would love to get some feedback from them. Hopefully, they’ll have us test their next version.

I suspect we have a nickel allergy, based on my Google-Fu.

Important: I am not a doctor or am offering medical advice. It’s just a layperson’s opinion based on internet research.

Yes! Same thing happened to me. Incredibly itchy ears with drainage. They started flaking off skin! I’ve been suffering for months until I realized it’s the ear buds. I use both: pro and regular. I stopped using them and within a week they were better. Used them again for an hour and they were itchy again. It’s definitely the ear buds. I want to buy AirPod pros but I’m afraid to because idk if they’ll affect me the same way too.

I have the AirPod pros as well as the Wyze pros and even though I changed out the tips - still have the problem if use them for periods longer than an hour. As a result unless I’m talking on phone, I try to use over the ear (Wyze) headphones for music, audiobooks. That being said - there is a specific prescription ear drop that has worked wonders when needed. Good Luck!

Came here to say this. I have done my own testing too, and it is definitely the Wyze Buds Pro. I don’t have an issue with other in-ear buds, just these ones. Are there any replacement tips, even generic ones, that people have found? Maybe that would help …

YES! This is definitely the case. I ended up splurging for AirPod Pros and have been loving them. Zero reaction from them. I’ve come to the conclusion it was the Wyze Buds Pro gave me an ear infection early last year and then ongoing reactions that resulted in drainage coming from the ears. Pretty disgusting.

I will say, I gave those Wyze Buds to a friend (obviously disinfected and provided brand new tips) and he’s been enjoying them with no reaction whatsoever. So, I’m not entirely sure what to think except for maybe there’s either a chemical or metal that’s reacting with certain people’s skin.

I have the same issue, definitely a reaction to the Wyze buds. I have been battling ear infection for weeks every time after I use these for an hour or so. I have AirPods Pro and use them without a problem. Has anyone found a solution? I.e replacing the ear tips or the headphones?

No solution, but I bought some grapefruit seed extract ear drops and saturate a qtip with the solution (to the point of almost dripping). I put this in my ear and rub around. Within a week or so, the infection went away. These Wyze buds are so horrible! Idk what is wrong with them but I do not have this issue with any other brand. I tried to post this in my review of them and Wyze declined my review. I am not allergic to silicone and this is supposed to be 100% silicone. I’ve heard others say they have tried changing the tips and still have the issue so they suspect it has to do with the buds themself however I haven’t tried this. If I put them in my ears for 2 mins my ears will be itchy for weeks.

Thank you for the response. I am trying new ear tips as a last resort before abandoning them all together.
The battery seems to be an issue as well at this point.
The difficulties of transparency control (via the app only) is also a major usability issue…
Seems bit of an unfinished product and Wyze being a bit unresponsive on feedback is uncharacteristic to say the least.
Too bad as as these had potential.

Got this email today:


Thank you for your inquiry about Comply Foam earbud tips. We are happy to announce that the Wyze Buds Pro earbuds are now Comply Foam compatible using our TW-300-B tip. Here is the correct link to our website-> We greatly appreciate your patience as we went through our compatibility process. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Sam Wirth
Sales Operations Specialist
Comply™ - Hearing Components

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