All Wyze products in both black and white

Black electrical insulation tape to the rescue! :slight_smile:

I second that notion and believe also that all the cameras should be offered in both black and white, I am not sure that I would use black. I would probably use semi flat black.

I don’t think there would be a particular problem in painting the new pan cam because none of the parts actually touch each other :grin:

I’m old school. Can I have mine in avocado.

Of course you can, here you go

Wyze Cam Floodlight - Black

Do you have any plans to launch an outdoor floodlight in the color black? If so, what’s the ETA?

The white outdoor floodlight would clash with our dark paint.


Same question here. White just doesn’t fit in unfortunately. Black would be perfect, it would match the external house color and be subtle (not blaring out that we have cameras watching you! :slight_smile: )

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Maybe cover the lens with a masking tape and lightly paint the housing using a preferred-color spray paint.

Or cover the camera with a 3D printed black mount and shell:

Floodlight in dark brown or black

I would love to purchase some floodlight cams but the white color would stick out like sore thumb on my home. Any chance of a black or dark brown version?

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Doorbell cover color options

I would like to have colors other than white for the doorbell. I would like a bronze option to match the rest of my exterior home décor.

So now that we’ve got the v3 PanCam plug figured out, can I make a wish for a BLACK WYZE PAN CAM V3! PLEASE!
Love the PanCam v3, we just need a black version.

This is frustrating. All of the competitors provide either a case or skin option to adapt the doorbell to blend into the house decor. It would be great if there was either a black option or modifications that allowed the customer to use your technology. Until then, it seems I spend my money elsewhere. Also think the new V3 cams should include at least a flat black option. Thank you!


Blue, Black and White v3 cameras available on this link.

No doorbell option though

Black V3 Pro

I’ve already started replacing some of my V3’s with V3 Pros for the 2K resolution, being that my window trim is dark I was wondering if there’s going to be a black version of the V3 Pro?