All wrong it’s so sad

My first camera and honestly very very disappointed. My event recordings won’t download. When I need to live stream it lags. I’ve checked my wifi about a hundred times but it’s just Wyze.

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Welcome to the forum ! @mykaela01

Sorry to hear about that.

Please go into detail some more .

What camera ?

When wanting to download an event . In the events tab, click on the event , and when it loads tap on the screen and you’ll get a few icons on the top right and click on the icon with a down arrow pointing downwards inside of a half of a box shape.

With the live stream issue , it would be better if we knew what camera it is that you have

Again , we hope we can help here in the forum . Lots of helpful individuals to answer your questions ! :slight_smile:

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I know see you have tagged the WCO V2

Luckily I have just bought a WCO v2 just 2 days ago!

I have an old shed that I’m fixing up that does not have any power to it so a battery camera was needed to keep an eye inside of the shed where i store my things.

Pertaining the stream lag, i too suffer with that . When I open up the live view of the camera it will take about 7 seconds for it to show me the live feed.

The camera has to connect and then turn on.

Question : is your base station close to your camera ?

I’ve noticed that the closer the base is to the camera the quicker the camera works.

Unfortunately for my set up , since the shed has no power the base station is in my house but I have it near a window at the back of my house that is the closest to the camera in the shed.

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