All Features of Cam Plus Available to Shared Users

Purchased Cam Plus mostly to have extended video recording. My wife has shared access to our Wyze doorbell cam, but was not getting the Cam Plus features. A little research and I found out those features did not go with a share. Seems totally wrong, but in an effort to get her up and running she bought a single subscription to Cam Plus. Then found out that still didn’t work unless I deleted the camera from my account and gave it to her. What’s up??

Not sure why I would/should have to give up my access to the camera and features of Cam + to make this work for my wife. I’m having a hard time understanding why Wyze would do this, and a quick Internet search indicates I am not the only one. I purchased the camera (s), I purchased Cam+, and it seems reasonable that anyone in my household should be able to use those services. Actually, it seems reasonable that anyone I choose should be able to–here are times when we are traveling and do not have a connection, so would like to be able to have someone else monitor my house (with the features of Cam+) while I am away without a connection.

I don’t understand the logic behind these restrictions. It’s not like sharing Netflix. There is no gain to the person helping me monitor my cameras. I was a huge Wyze fan when I signed on in the beginning. But Wyze continues to not live up to their promises, and now are nickel and diming their customers to death with the need for subscription services. Even worse, this latest issue indicates we can’t even effectively use the features we are paying for.

The only way to do what you want is to share ONE account between you and your wife. Not ideal, but it works.


There is a wishlist item to provide more control of what a shared user can and can not do.

What specific cam plus features is she not seeing? Is she not seeing or have access to these missing features because it is actually the sharing of the doorbell that restricts it? Sharing a device to another user has its own restrictions, whether there is a cam plus license on the camera or not.

Well, specifically she was looking for continuous recording, as the standard 12 seconds was usually over before the person got out of the car and got to the door to be recognizable.

But I guess my point is that shared users should have all/any features the “owner” wants to give to assist with monitoring property under different conditions.

I looked for that. Can you help me find it?

Thanks, but that is not an acceptable solution for many reasons.

Perhaps not, but it is probably your only option for the immediate future.

The doorbells do not have continuous recording. You as the main user of the doorbells don’t have access to continuous recording because the DBs don’t have an SD card slot.

So you get cloud event videos that are the entirety of the detected motion, but she only gets 12 second event videos of the same event if I am understanding this correctly?

Maybe I didn’t phrase it correctly. I would like the camera to record more than 12 seconds. Or “continuously” while there is motion present. The Doorbell cam does that for me with Cam Plus. In other words, want the share to see the whole motion event, as it does for me, not just the first 12 seconds. I realize it is not stored locally.

Yes, I get a cloud event of the whole motion and she does not.

That’s interesting, events should show exactly the same to you and shared users. Can you send some screenshots of the same event on both devices?

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Well, let me check that out first.
Because I couldn’t see the door cam to add on her app, I assumed it wasn’t there. I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks for the response

I ran a test yesterday, where I have cam plus on my original doorbell. I then shared it with a secondary wyze account. I then triggered an extended recording and on the event viewer tabs for both accounts the camera showed as a cam plus recording with ai tags. Looking forward to screen shots of what your seeing, etc… have you contacted Support on this issue?

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Why not just be honest and when a device is sold tell people that without the service the following features will not work as we are telling you they will.
If anyone doubts what I am saying please check it out. Like the new V3 pan can. In the product literature it describes a fully functioning camera as if the service is attached. But only two line from the end theytry to sell the service. However no where can I find where this company provides
specifically information about the less functioning.

The wordsmith skills are to die for. :slight_smile:

OK, what does the V3 Pan not do that you expect? I have two and work exactly as I expect.

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I see on the product page about 1/3 of the way down it spells out the differences from no subscription and with Cam Plus.

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Wow, color me impressed. I couldn’t let this thread die without addressing your remarkable response.
First of all, I have to ask, are you a bit slow? No offense, I’m just curious. If you are, please stop reading here. I apologize.
Otherwise, I can’t help but wonder: do you repeat the punchline to people because you assume they missed the humor?
Don’t take it personally, I’m saying this for our mutual benefit, so that we can all grow here.
You realize that you can’t brush off people’s legitimate and rational concerns with wrongdoing, right? You must be aware that your screenshot is not representative of everyone’s view, probably not even close to most people’s, and so you made a point, but it was mostly to be conveniently dismissive…
…and I would love to know why you think that’s a desirable quality in a Forum Moderator and a Wyze spokesperson?
Should this be how Wyze handles this and these customer issues?

If you are listening and care to improve, read on…
Please consider:
How might you better demonstrate understanding of the issues as described?
What questions could you ask which would give you real insight into the deeper complaint so that you might have a greater likelihood of winning new customers, than rebuking them?

@Omgitstony is a fantastic moderator. Every company should be so lucky as to have someone as knowledgeable and willing to help.

Nothing I’ve read in this thread by @Omgitstony is incorrect. It is thoughtful, sincere, and above all… kind. Something I admire and personally struggle with at times.

If you have an issue with our subscriptions or the way they are marketed, please let me know. I’m the head of subscription growth at Wyze and would love to hear your feedback.

Subscriptions are not for everyone. Understanding this is one of the key reasons I’m in charge of subscriptions. It’s my job to push the company to continually build better things for you so that you either want to join our subscription or never want to leave because you see so much value in what you are paying for.

I understand not everyone sees Wyze in the way that I do. I’m lucky enough to talk to employees internally and know that everyone who works here puts customers first.

We don’t want to trap people, trick people, piss anyone off, or otherwise be bad actors. No one here does that.

I’ve killed many company growth measures that could even hint at being not-customers friendly. Every moderator in here and every Wyze employee knows that I go to bat for you and all Wyze customers every single day at work. I want to blow your mind with innovation, not trap you with mediocrity.

This was perhaps too long, but I think it’s helpful for everyone externally to know how passionate we are internally about customers.