Sharing my service

I am trying to share my services as I share my cameras but the app will not populate the services I have subscribed to. It says in the sharing options tab under shared services with the plus icon “No services to share.”

What service are you trying to share?
And in what way are you trying to share it (although the answer to the first question may largely answer the second)?

My cam plus and pro so that my wife has access to the pro features of monitoring the alarm to disarm and arm

I’m not familiar with that, but I think if you just share the device it will work, not sure though.

I shared the devices with her. .but the services won’t share

What happens if you both use the same primary login account (the one on which the Wyze Devices and Services are installed) on each of your devices?

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Cam Plus Pro features are not shareable at this time.

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