Alexa Wyze Skill for Outside North America

I’m wondering if it could be possible that the Alexa Skill is available in “” too. I’m aware it is available in “” however, I do not want to migrate my Amazon account from “” to “.com”.

I have a few Cams and some plugs now in my house and would be awesome to integrate them to Alexa but it is not possible right now unless I migrate my account from MX to US,

See attached image. Thanks!


Hi all,

Looked through but didn’t find an answer - how can I get the wyze cams to work with echo show 5 in the UK?

Kind regards


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This is soooo very annoying…

i literally live about 1 mile from the u.s. but not ACTUALLY IN the u.s. and i cant use the Alexa Wyze skills…

all i want is to be able to view my cameras on a bigger screen rather than just my cellphone… this is just ridiculous…

I think it’s based on your Amazon account. If you can log into Alexa with a US Amazon account, I believe it will work. But I’m in the US, so I don’t have personal experience with this.


The Problem with switching your Amazon Account to the US is that you (temporarily) loose all your content plus all Skills for outside the US.
In Europe that’s a big no-go.

You don’t unfortunately.

That’s what this topic is about, making the Wyze Skill hopefully available outside the US App Store.

I understand. Wyze isn’t yet supported outside of the US, so if you’d like the full feature set, you have to jump through some hoops for the moment. I’m just offering a workaround.

Since Wyze was breached. I am now getting rid of my cams.

So I don’t need alexa skill no more.

Looks like 2 years people have been waiting for this. I didn’t see anything noted in the entry before I ordered 1x Camv2 and 6x CamPan. You will need to fix this by 14 Jan 2020 or you will get the whole lot back. Sorry guys. Reasonable bit of equipment, but missing fundamental integration. And I feel still misleading customers.

Nowhere in the App did it try to help by telling me why the link would not establish, I had to manually search to find this topic. So a big time waste trying to make a function work that you knew was purposely disabled!


As you say… Though there is WAY more to it than just Wyze adding server space for EU and the rest .

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Agreed. They’re more likely to run afoul of GDPR regulations if they’re actively catering to EU customers, for example.

By the way can anyone please help me how to enable this on Amazon Alexa?? I tried to search “wyze” skills and I cant this on Amazon. Please see attached screenshot.

Thank you so much again for your help.
Ps: I’m based in UK

I don’t think it’s available in the UK yet just the US

Thank you. Thats a shame :frowning:

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Can someone explain to me why the geographic location matters on the assistant programs like Alexa?

Does any one know if the Wyze Alexa skill is available in NZ if not how can I download this to my alexa app
Love the cameras and want to connect them to my echo show

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I’ve now bought Neos cameras that work with Alexa.

All data is stored on AWS servers in the EU.

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Cool. :slight_smile: I’ve seen those. They definitely seem like a better option for UK residents.