Alexa without Subscription

Can anyone tell me if either the V2 or pro floodlight camera works with Alexa without a subscription?

I have a camera to put up at an older persons home and I want it to record locally with no subscription. The video will only ever be looked at by me and only after the fact if something is needed so I dont care about any other features. The only thing I want is for her to be able to ask Alexa to show her the video.

Will this work without the sub?


Nope. That’s like looking at something on Column A and expecting to get from Column B.
You defined your requirement. “record locally”. So its going to record to the SD Card, (provided you put one in it.) But you are going to have to remove it, put it in a computer to look at it from the SD card.

Separately with our without a subscription, Alexa is not going to show you recorded video. She is going to have to manually access that via the Wyze app (but only with the subscription as it saved to the cloud, not the SD card…