Alexa Smart home on Firestick

I haven’t seen that article but it sounds wonky and expensive. Why not just a decent wired or Bluetooth speaker? (I find “soundbars” kind of ridiculous since most cost as much as a stereo system anyway.)

Thanks for sharing… I have my home littered with Echo Devices, so I know what you are going through right now. :wink:

Just threw another Firestick in the cart because of your post above,

Glad to have been useful.

I just “deregistered” 7 2nd gen Dots, and moved 5 3rd gens to replace them, so the bedrooms get the 4th gens. I give the old ones to nieces/nephews, so they don’t go to waste. I even have a Dot in my attics. Usually I am up there without my cellphone. Nice to be able to use the Amazon calling feature to call for help, if I need to. Its like insurance. (two in the garage easily with voice if I do something that gets me stuck under my car and can’t get from under. My elder mom has 3 in her place for that “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” eventuality.

Was reading and found hint. 4th gen Echo and Dot have a 7 minute cool down period for the person detection ultrasound feature. Damn things work almost too good, it turns on all the lights when I get up in the middle of the night for a pitstop.

Agree. Dislike soundbars. They have a separate remote and have to find it to mute sound there when I must the TV. PITA. Tried of home theater systems for a while.

If this Max and Studio/Echo are anything like what I get when I play my Studio/Echo, and Echo Input through my Wave with the same speaker sync feature will be worth it. I listen to a lot of old 50’s tunes all day long via Tune In. Fills the rooms.

Geeze man, forget that. Just wanted to see how it was looking on his tv from a snapshop he could upload cause it might interest me! Sorry offending you.

He or she just asked what you meant. It wasn’t clear.

@Sam_Bam , I use Echo speaker groups for playing across the house, but I’d be suspicious of how well it could synch up stereo channels as you reference.

I love Echoes too, and they are good inexpensive speaker / BT devices, but I would think a direct connection to the TV (Toslink or copper or Bluetooth) would be a more reliable way to go…

Yea, your reply wasn’t to a direct individual, so unclear who you were asking for the pic :wink:
Don’t think @SlabSlayer was offended. All good though, and welcome back to the forum.

There are some snapshots of how the Home controls look on the Firestick here

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So sorry about that, just thought the guy was angry at me for the lack of my knowledge. Anyway I just ordered an amazon fire-stick and can’t wait to see how it will show my multi-cam,

Thanks for your feedback, Sly!

You are correct that there are much better ways to connect. I like to experiment.

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Did that with each camera but when you repeat the steps it will stream.