Alexa Routines with Entry Sensors (Home Monitoring)

Hi All -

I just got my monitoring up and I connected the two entry sensors but have not setup any of the home monitoring just yet. I have two questions:

  1. will the hub announce entry contacts open and closed?
  2. I just got my first echo and set 4 basic routines an open and close for the garage and similar for the sliding door. Problem is that the announcements are not happening. I am however getting the cameras to announce person detection. I have tried resetting the hub, reconnecting the sensors, and recreating the entry contacts to no avail. Any thoughts here?

Thank you for any guidance!

I am going through the same issues.
Alexa will recognize the device and I setup routines howeve they won’t work. Weird but I will keep researching.

Does your routine look like this in the Alexa app?

I just made this one and it fired within a second and a half of me opening the door

When Contact Sensor is Open

Alexa says, Front Door is Open

On Device (selected echo devices)