Simple question: Does echo dot work with home monitoring motion sensors and door sensors?

I have heard both “yes” and “no” - People tell me they have it working but when I press them to get specific on how to make echo dot “chime” when I open a door, they go away. Is this option working yet, and if so, please list the steps to have it chime or say “back door open”. I set it up in Amazon Alexa app on iphone and tested only on the app and it works, but in reality when I open the door, nothing. I set up different doors and both Chime and message. Nothing.

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Can you be a bit more specific on how you setup things with Alexa? I have some routines (with V1 sensors) that will “announce” that one of the sensors has opened or sensed movement to all my echo devices.
Here’s the one I just created for the V2 motion sensor in my garage:

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You didn’t mention, but making sure you have the Wyze skill enabled within alexa?

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1-open amazon Alexa app on iphone
2-tap on devices - then tap all devices and select Garage Door Sensor - shows closed
3-select “create a Routine”
4-select “+”
5-Enter routine name “TEST Door” then Next
6-select “when this happens” + sign
7-select 'Smart Home"
8-select “Garage Door Sensor”
9-select Open
10-select Next
11-select + on “add action”
12-select “Sounds” or can select “Alexa says”
13-select Bells and buzzers
14-select Doorbell 1
15-select Choose Device Kitchen Dot
17-Routines then select > chevron next to “test Door” and the chime sounds on my Echo Dot
I assume it is saved at this point, but when I open the garage door, nothing happens.
I don’t see a place to enable or disable.
I look forward to your comments

Sorry, yes, under skills i have Wyze Enabled.

Instead of sounds try messaging and announce and send it to all echo devices. Also check do not disturb settings for your devices since nothing will go to them if dnd is on.

Do Not Disturb is off and Scheduled is on from 10:00pm to 8:00am
Also did try messaging and works when testing in Amazon Alexa app, but not when I open the door.

I just made two new routines, one with a v2 contact sensor, and one with a v1 contact sensor. Both are working. I did unlink and relink up the Wyze skill when I thought it wasn’t working, but turns out the garage door doesn’t open the sensors on the front door, which I had created first. Oops!

“Living room” is a Show, but I also tested on a Dot that we have, .all work.


I tested mine as well and it worked fine with either announce or sounds.

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If you are watching the device page in the alexa app, do you see it open or close as you open and close the door? Is alexa even seeing the open and close event?

Yes, when I open the garage door, it flags open in the alexa app device, then close when I close the door. So Alexa is seeing it.

I set up another routine for a different door and Alexa sees when I open and close it.

So that means it works in general but not with one specific sensor?

Yes, multiple sensors react in alexa app. Both doors show open when open and close when close.
Did you go thru my process, what did I miss. Some switch is not set properly.

Alexa would not see the action take place if the skill was not linked, correct?

Did you find the enabled switch for the non-functioning routine?

So if I get this right:

Alexa sees sensors open and close, but routines don’t play the programmed sound?

Is the volume up on the dot? If you go into a routine that isn’t working in the alexa app, click the dots in the upper right corner then view history, what does it show?

Yes, the enable button is on “blue”
No Routine activity, This routine hasn’t been triggered recently

the dots More than one tried, both play the test from Alexa app., just not the actually trigger

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No activity means Alexa doesn’t see the device trigger. Sure you selected the right one? Maybe delete and recreate the routine?

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