Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

Well they are making some poor business decisions. To push out product with limited integration into the largest two platform is a recipe for failure. They would be better off wowing customers with products that work. Trying to force us to use their app or ifttt does not create a customer experience that wows.

Now to use ai to recognize people in their camera is a wow! Very impressive.

BTW, I have another motion sensor that is natively integrated with alexa without ifttt. Works great. Come on Wyze, let’s focus on this!

The Wyze company has already wowed me and I am very happy with their products. All my Wyze products work very well for the price I paid for them.
Most of the highly critical posts I read about the Wyze products are greatly exaggerated. :upside_down_face:

I would say it is pretty close to a “must”. That is the single reason that I have not bought any more sense kits, bulbs or plugs yet. I have 6 TP Link smart plugs, 9 wemo and TP link switches, 8 TP link bulbs, the Ring doorbell (which I HATE) and MYQ garage door openers (which I also hate). I use Alexa to automate them and utilize all of those together without having to jump to different apps. Without Alexa routine triggers the plugs and bulbs are useless to me, and the sense is reduced to a mailbox and garage door sensor. I’m not even using the motion sensor yet. I’m sure that the lack of integration is causing a lot of people to either slow down product orders or hold off altogether until there is a definitive answer on whether or not they are going to add triggers to routines.

I agree that the contact sensors and the motion sensors should be integrated, although all the different things I have them set up for in the wyze app works great , but the bulbs are integrated and work great with Alexa , no one even has the smart plugs yet, so that remains to be seen , from what I understand the plugs will be

It’s a business decision for them, and for me. Since they made the business decision not to bother providing Alexa integration, I made the business decision to reject their product.

I don’t know what product you are referring to.
I’m not sure why you replied to my post at all.

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I’m talking about the lack of Alexa support for their sensors, leaving only IFTTT, which lags by 5 seconds. This makes it useless for turning the lights on in the stairway before I’m halfway up.

You can’t simply use the Wyze motion sensor to turn on the light for you? :thinking: My lights turn on instantly using the sensor without using Alex or IFTTT.


I prefer to use smart switches instead of bulbs. I believe bulbs can only be operated by voice command/sensors, but a smart switch works both voice and manually. This is great for guests in the house or locations that sensor just don’t make sense.

Agreed. I returned my wyze sense, but hope that they provide integration soon. Otherwise, I will need to go to another solution.

He is not using the wyze bulbs with an automation set up in the wyze app probably.
I imagine he is trying to control a non wyze device with the wyze sensors which may require HALexa/IFTTT integration.

I thought of trying the same thing, but this wouldn’t work for me as Alexa would not utilize the switch when selecting a device under the Routines section. The only devices displaying as options are actual, compatible sensors, such as SmartThings door sensors and motion sensors. It would not let me see the list of “devices”.

My virtual motion sensors(created in smartthings) show up and can be used by HALexa for routines for open or closed states. Remember to authorize the newly created virtual switches in the smartthings smartapp for HALexa.

If I am misunderstanding the switch or your use-case please explain further.

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So how can we take advantage of your virtual switch? Do we need a special hub? Is there a delay similar to ifttt? Is there a way to create a time schedule to the trigger … i.e.: if no motion for 5 minutes than turn off light (I do this now with my Sylvania sensor)

Thanks for your help!

For what I am speaking of you would need a Samsung Smartthings Hub.
There is a delay as IFTTT is still required until wyze adds support for smartthings/wink/hubitat/HA etc or opens up more control through HALexa herself.

I do not use HALexa routines for much… mostly announcements based on doors/windows opening.
That said, yes, HALexa routine based on my Basement virtual motion sensor detecting motion, turns off basement light after a set number of minutes with no detection (Just created now to test). Can also add only during specific hours. The key is getting the sensor listed in available devices to HALexa as wyze hasn’t opened this up yet.

In smartthings (separate hub), I have conditions that need to be met in webcore… all sensors need to be clear, during this time of day, only if light lux levels are below x, between these hours… If all is met… turn on/off bulb/heater/fan whatever I want.

With smartthings and webcore (a smartthings addin app) the possibilities are endless for conditions. Almost daunting with what you can do.

Yes, I’m trying to get Wyze motion sensors to control Hue lightbulbs, and this isn’t possible except through IFTTT. Unfortunately, that means a delay of about 5 seconds, which makes it pretty much useless.

On top of that, I’m having stability problems. The Wyze cam that has the sensor module attached to it is rebooting every day or so, and when it does that, it points itself in a useless direction. Worse, the sensors often wind up disconnected until I manually reboot the camera. I guess I could hook it up to a smart switch, but that’s getting ridiculous.

I want Wyze sensors to “just work”. Right now, they don’t, and I can’t recommend them to anyone. If the problem isn’t resolved soon, I’m going to give up and get some SmartThings sensors.

That’s the setup I use, with Webcore I have been able to find a way to do everything I have needed so far

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Thanks so much for your explanation. Sounds like a good solution, but not sure I want to buy another hub just to get the wyze sensors to work in my environment when there are other products (i.e. sylvania sensors) that currently work with alexa.

I love where wyze and amazon are going, just wish they could handle some of the basic things that uses expect (i.e.: instantly turn on light with a sensor)

Thanks again!

Would love to use my wyze sense to control more lights than just wyze lights. I have everything in my house working through my Alexa and I’m a bit bummed the camera syncs up fine with Alexa but not the wyze sense stuff. I just want to be able to use the sensors to trigger my hue lights through Alexa.

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What did you use to solar power the camera?