Alexa Routine Integration for Wyze Sense

Their smart plugs came out in early access today, those work with Google Assistant and Alexa so still have a little hope that Alexa integration will come to the sensors eventually, maybe even before 2030.

I have another brand of cam that will trigger a routine with Motion Detected and Motion Not Detected. It’s nice having Alexa announce motion in an area and control a lamp.

I came here to find out if Wyze Sense can trigger Alexa routines and was highly disappointed. I can’t justify buying them until there’s some integration with Alexa routines (they wouldn’t be useful to me otherwise).

Can Wyze Sense trigger IFTTT applets? Anyone know?

It would be even nicer if the Wyze Cams motion detection could trigger alexa routines or IFTTT routines (then I wouldn’t need the Sense Motion sensor).

The Wyze plugs can be triggered by a person or motion, so it seems, which may be why we can’t trigger any other devices. I don’t like that.

Completely agree. they will not win against google or amazon … must fix integration.

I am most disappointed because I pre-ordered the sense devices with the understanding that Alexa integration was in the works and would be available shortly after release. Here we are months later with Wyze bulbs that are seriously buggy and unreliable and no projected date for integration of sense into Alexa.
Wake up Wyze! I know you guys are growing and innovating, but you have to ensure that your new products are as dependable and solid as your cameras that established your good reputation to start with!
This request isn’t a nice to have, it is a must. There should be some serious priority in making this integration work or you will start loosing customers. I specifically did not early adopt the plugs because of this issue and the buggy bulbs. I am done with all Wyze purchases (including more cams) until I see some progress. If I’m typing this here, there are most likely a hundred others who feel the same and simply won’t say anything, but just go elsewhere. It is the silent loss of business that will kill a company. I hope Wyze is listening to both complaints and the deafening silence of customers walking away!

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Sensor support for Alex and Google please I have both!

This is my situation exactly. I wish I hadn’t jumped the gun and bought multiple Sense sets based on the assumption that Alexa-Integration was imminent.

In Wyze’s defense.

There is Google and Alexa support for all but the sensors.

The biggest problem is that Google and Alexa don’t have trigger support,
Just auto trigger support for lights. So until then Wyze can not build in support.

Though, I see allot of hope with that does have triggered responses but not enough steps after the response or Google or Alexa Routines access.

As soon as they can allow a trigger to set off a Google and/or Alexa routine it will be a glorious day.

Wyze - Please work with them to allow that to happen.

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What do you mean Alexa doesn’t have trigger support? I’m not sure I understand your statement because you can go buy a Hue motion sensor right now and have it trigger an Alexa routine fine. This seems to be only a restriction from Wyze since Amazon has the API available

From my view - I do not have any other motion sensors so the functions must not be enabled.

There is no support in Google or Alexa currently for any sensors. (Door, Motion, etc.)
With that being said! There is support through for Wyze sensors to trigger Kasa lamp modules, wiz devices, Wemo devices, etc.

For my view with out the help of IFTT Google and Alexa only do voice, timed, or app triggered activities. No sensors!

Again this is what i see looking at the Google and Alexa controls from my end with no other motion sensors in place.

You are correct I just say a youtube that said it does work including smart switches.

Wyze please hurry with support, with or without IFTT,

The API has been available for a year. They just need to follow the instructions.


The supported locals for both motion sensors and contacts are listed as en-CA , en-US which I assume are English-Canada and English-United States. Wyze is Seattle, I’m in California so there’s no development or implementation barriers in my case. In their defense, I suspect that going through a hub may complicate things a bit so it may not be as straight forward as “following instructions”, I do wish they would formally acknowledge this issue though and let us know where it is in their development roadmap.

Hues has a hub that passes things, so why not Wyze?

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If Google and Alexa allow access to routines or allows or routines to be created.
We can make this work.

IFTT already has support for the sensors, just not multi lights at once or the ability to generate a sound when the sensor is triggered.

Which is bad considering Hue Motion and Alexa has the support mentioned above and by youtube videos just watch today.

Wyze - please fix! Really want!

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I have to disagree that it is a must, it may be a must for you and maybe others but there are probably just as many who do not view it as a must, Wyze has to look at it as a business decision, if they did everything that anyone decided was a must it would be a mess.

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If they want Sense to become as much of a “game-changing” product line as the cameras have become then, yes, it is a must.

I think “game-changing” would be to open the API so handlers can be buit for SmartThings and Hubitat and the many other things people use. It still comes down to what makes the most business sense, and I unfortunately am not privy to that information.


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