Air quality sensor/monitor

An air quality monitor from Wyze would be great especially if a thermostat is released, they could tie into each other to filter the air, or even to turn on an air purifier with a Wyze plug. Some of the prices seem to be pretty high so it might be a good opportunity to find a way to lower the price.

I agree! It would also be cool if Wyze also looked into making a smart weather station like the Netatmo.

Could go hand-by-hand with an AC thermostat.

It would be great to see Wyze develop complete air quality monitor sensors that can trigger HVAC systems or HRVs, would be great to have it controlled through google/smartthings

Offer a wif connected Radon Monitor, it could be expanded to also monitor various air quality factors. You would need to be able to set alerts, graph over various time scales, export data, integrate with other IoT devices, user accessible API.

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You can modify a open close sensor to create the leak detector.
Leak detector leads into the vac tube on the radon system should do the trick.

When the radon system poops out, the water in the vac tube goes level, triggering the “leak detector” sending an closed notification letting you know there is an issue.

Haven’t given thought to the rest however.

Indoor Air Quality Monitor

It would be great to have an affordable indoor air quality monitor that includes sensors for temperature, air pressure, humidity, TVOCs, radon and carbon dioxide

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I will add that this would very useful to control the fan of the forthcoming Wyze Thermostat. Besides TVOC, you want to add PM2.5 so that air gets filtered through your furnace MERV or HEPA filters.

Alternatively please add PM2.5 and TVOC sensors to a higher-end Wyze Thermostat.

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This is a great idea!:+1:
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Would love to see one of these! No reason these should run 2-300$

It would be awesome if there was an “all-in-one” Radon and air quality sensor that would allow us to see the air quality in various rooms over time, and it would be awesome if it would simply plug into an electrical outlet and allow for other plugs to be plugged in. It would be awesome if this was a nightlight too, so it would be the ultimate 3-in-one. Nightlight, Radon, and air quality sensor. Must like the Awair Glow C Air Quality Monitor+Smart Plug.

Fully agree air quality is an important factor during covid times.
After some research CO2 and PM 2.5 would be the bare minimum for me.

They have both Outdoor & Indoor Air Quality Sensors.

missing CO2 levels

Why Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and not Carbon Monoxide (CO) ?

CO2 is mostly emitted by humans, when too high you need to ventilate.

My CO sensor/alarm is already installed close to my water heater/ heating system,

I would love to see this as well! I have the air sensors, the leak sensors, and kinda everything else too :grin: I will use my air purifiers as a proxy, but they dont provide readouts of data, only ranges of green/yellow/red at best. JDB

I think a great new product Wyze can create that will hit home for us city folks would be an in home air quality monitor. One that no one has out yet measuring PM10/PM2.5/ C02/ VOC/ HCHO/ Radon/ Humidity/ Mold/ pressure. Just a full view of the air in your home and if you and your family are safe. There are so many out there that only do a fraction of those readings someone needs to put the full thing out there.

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We need One that no one has out yet measuring PM10/PM2.5/ C02/ VOC/ HCHO/ Radon/ Humidity/ Mold/ pressure. Just a full view of the air in your home and if you and your family are safe.

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