Air Purifier? really?

You would think that you would show more interest in fixing the camera firmware and software issue rather than introducing a new product…

In the camera software…when you create a group…and add the cameras to that group…the cameras stop working…however the still record…but there is no live shots…

When I take the cameras out of that group…they work just fine…

Please help…


Just more junk to clutter up the app. How about a “cameras-only” app. When I’m in the app, and press a “go back” arrow, it takes 10-15 seconds for the action to take place, That’s a new one, along with the ol’ favorite, “disconnecting”. These products sure aren’t what they used to be.


Welcome to the community @tbone . As you, I am a community member and try to assist when possible.

Are you saying that when you cameras are grouped they don’t stream? I have a group containing Pan Cam v2, a V2 Camera, and a V3 camera (which I recently removed to do some independent testing) which when I open the group, they all stream without issue.

It could be related to the amount of cameras being streamed at once on your network. If you power cycle all of the Cameras in the group and then open the group, will they connect and stream? If yo reboot your router, will they connect and stream?

I think it’s the problem of the cameras just showing a fixed thumbnail in group mode. Remove the camera from the group and the live images comes back. Can’t remember where this is posted in the forum.

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Ok. I read it a different way. If that is what is being said, then I saw another post about that as well.

as is the history put out more crap that that will have problems and dont fix the existing problems with the current equipment like-- The IOS app, Thermostat, Plugs, Cameras ALL need fixing but problems are ignored or " it will be fixed in the next app release or firmware" and its NOT !!

No revenue stream in fixing old products.