After updating router, cams no longer connected

Have 2 Wyze cam2 and also 2 Wyze cam 3. Updated router which changed router name. Now cams are not connected. Tried few times to create new cam setup with new wifi name and it errors out. I get to QR code and app recognizes it… but then cannot connect after that.

Just tried connecting to another wifi, so that worked successfully. So now the question is, what ROUTER SETTING do I change to connect to these cams?

(I hate when updates change settings… I’m~ah~jus~say~n)

Probably 5 GHz issue?

Nope… thanks for the reply tho… I’m using 2.4.

I later connected 1 cam to another Wifi and then Wyze cam worked.

So I went back to the router, shortened the default LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG name and entered a password. Apparatenly, the router update wiped the password and router name.

Def on the router side. Leaving this info in this forum… in case others may have the same issue. My advice… try to see if if cam installs successfully on another wifi.

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The solution is to ensure:

  1. SSID is the same.
  2. PASSWORD is the same.

That’s all the camera’s know about. They don’t care about router name.

You panic’d and thought something was broke before simply going through the basic check-down. It happens. We’ve all been there.