Adding Outdoor Cameras

I just bought the Cam Outdoor and Base station to test it. So far its been great. Im wondering if I purchase more am I able to connect them with the base station. I do not see anything directly commenting on the FAQ for the product. I do see you can have four connected at once though. Just looking for clarification.

Edit: I also forgot to ask why the limitation to 32gb for MircoSD cards. I have a 256 GB one laying around and tried it with no luck. Is it a hardware or software limitation?

A max of 4 cams is it and 32 card is supported, you can pickup the cameras only at your home depot check on one first to check there price

I have to 2 cam outdoors and when I spoke with customer service they basically said that the 32 GB cards I bought were useless unless you did a recording at night. They don’t have the same functionality as the cameras made for indoors. I am loving my cameras though. Let me know how your signal strength is. As you can see by this pic cam 2 only gets 1 bar but cam 1 gets three. the base station is behind the front door about 10 feet so its not that far away.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor will record to the 32GB SD day or night as long as the is motion, I’ve been doing it for 10 months. My 4 cams are set on scheduled event recording for 30 days, no cooldown period, and a max length for each event video set at 2 minutes. I just took the SD out of one cam that I am charging and it has 2 hours and 18 min of video events on it recorded over the last 30 days, mostly raccoons, possums and cats.

See this information:

That is great information to know. What is your battery life like with the recordings set like that? So are you saying that if I set it to do a scheduled recording from 10 pm to 6 am that it will only record when there is motion and not continually for that time period? I cannot get my cam 2 in the right position to pick up motion because it points at far right side of the driveway and no matter what it doesn’t trigger because everyone is walking towards it.

I charge the batteries when they get to about 40% which is every 5-7 weeks if they have recorded a lot of events. If you set a schedule 10 pm to 6 am I would set it to record when motion is detected. You have a choice to also set it for continuous recording but from what I have read the battery will only last 10 hours with a full charge “if” you are lucky, I have never tried it. The PIR zone is very wide, can’t you change the angle? The face of this camera is facing in the direction of the red line. Motion is best detected crossing the PIR zone.

I have changed the angle many times based on your recommendation in another post. I have gone pretty far to the left but as you can see by the red lines the Amazon guys always walk towards it. I am thinking about pointing it the direction of the blue line for a week so that it triggers the side to side movement, but then I am afraid it will trigger with the movements of my two trees in the direction.

Got it. I only moved my cameras about 6 times when I first set them up. My house is a 2000 SQ/FT single story wood frame, with t-111 wood siding so I don’t have the signal issue you do. Can you put the cam in one of the trees and get a good signal?

I thought about trying that one day. I keep tinkering with them so that I can get the best video possible.