Adding back an Outdoor camera after accidently deleting it

I have a situation where an existing Outdoor camera has been deleted and I am trying to add it back but it keeps failing during pairing.

I have been following the setup process on the phone app to add an outdoor camera and gets to the point for pairing (sync) with the camera. I have pushed the sync button on the camera and it outputs an audio message that it is ready for pairing. Unluckily the pairing does not complete and after a while the camera produces an audio message stating that it has failed.

I have tried switching the camera off and back on and trying again but still fails. I did notice that even though the camera has been deleted, it still has a blue light after power on which I understand indicates that it has a connection.

Any suggestions on how I can get the camera added back?

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Make sure the camera is close to the base.
You may want to try this solution to a problem that’s similar to what you’re describing.

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We had 1 that did that we left it on and the charger hooked up we home,next day we added it back with no issues